What Benefits Does Youth Soccer Bring To Children

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Soccer is one of the fastest growing sports for Canada’s youth. It is a kid-friendly sport that is fun and full of benefits. Due to its comparatively low cost of participation, soccer is becoming a popular alternative to traditional sports like hockey and football for families on a budget.

Soccer promotes the development of physical skills and the importance of fitness. Being involved in sports helps children cultivate positive behaviors that lead to healthy lifestyles. Being part of a team encourages sportsmanship and other social competencies, such as cooperation, respect for coaches and supporting teammates. Playing soccer matches engages children in competition where they learn how to graciously win or develop the resiliency necessary to cope with loss.

Children who play on team sports demonstrate a higher level personal well-being because they are presented with more opportunities to experience success. On the soccer field, children learn to set goals and develop a sense of accomplishment when they meet those goals. With enough time and practice, children develop a positive self image and more confidence in their abilities. Children with a high level of self-esteem express a desire to learn new things, accept new challenges and apply their leadership skills.

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