What Items Do Kids Need To Join A Youth Soccer League

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Is your little one interested in joining a soccer team? If so, that’s a great way for your child to interact with others, develop their social skills, as well as get in a great workout!

In order for your child to join the team, they need to be fully prepared. Have them practice some moves, learn the basics, and have their bag packed with all these items they will need and use.

Soccer bag: To make sure your child brings everything, and doesn’t leave anything behind, they will need a soccer bag for all their supplies. This could be their backpack, or a simple little duffle bag.

Jersey: If jerseys aren’t already supplied, you may want to pick one up for your child. This gets them excited to play, while feeling like “part of the team”.

Shorts: Pick up about 2-3 pairs of basic shorts. Whether cotton or mesh, any fabric will work as long as they’re comfortable.

Footwear: In order to play the game, your child will need appropriate footwear. Soccer cleats are usually what will help them perform better on the field. To make sure you don’t throw away your money, make sure your child really plans on sticking with soccer before you buy a pair of high quality cleats, as these can be quite costly. For now, stick with a nice pair that are affordable until you know they’re really serious about sticking with it.

Shin pads: Since soccer can get a little rough and intense sometimes, it’s important that they wear shin pads to protect their shins. These will help keep bruises and cuts to a minimum.

Tall socks: Consider buying about 2-3 pairs of these tall socks or stockings. They will keep their legs warm, and can also serve as protection.

Once you have these few items listed above, your child will be ready to play the game!

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